Implementing Applications ControlsCS*Accelerate is an embedded solution that enables you to enhance and streamline Oracle E-Business Suite in ways ordinarily considered impracticable due to a number of factors such as, high development costs, long development times, high support costs, high risk and lack of appropriate resource/skills.

The Scenarios Pre/post implementation you have identified gaps that must be filled, enhancements that need to be made, processes that need to streamlined and regulations to which you need to comply.

Enterprise in Control CS*Accelerate puts your business back in control; no longer do your business processes have to be altered to match the applications functionality and no longer do you need to rely on additional resources to tailor your applications.

Instant Solutions Enhancement development with CS*Accelerate is very easy and very rapid; typically development is 95% faster that the more traditional methods of development.

User Friendly and Easy to Use CS*Accelerate can be used by almost anyone. Functional consultants, technical consultants, system analysts, power/super users, business analysts, system administrators, database administrators and  developers/programmers can all begin to deliver solutions in a fraction of the time.

Enhance, personalize and streamline without risk CS*Accelerate allows you to enhance and personalize your enterprise applications and ultimately streamline your business. The practice of enhancing Oracle E-Business Suite screens is generally frowned upon, Oracle want you to use your applications out of the box but in many scenarios your business may require that certain enhancements are made. The traditional route is cumbersome, requires a high level of technical skill, very costly and above all else carries unwanted high risk. You risk compromising your applications, your data, your support from Oracle and also the business if you make changes to the applications.

No longer will your end-users enhancement requests be denied. Within minutes of approving an enhancement request the solution can be deployed and helping the user perform their daily tasks more efficiently. Common and desirable enhancements are concerned with security of data and ease of access to data. For example, improving security by hiding sensitive data in a given context can be achieved in seconds on any form. Ease of access enhancements can greatly improve end-user efficiency by ensuring they can easily and quickly access the data they need without having to navigate all over the application to find it. Again, navigational enhancements take mere seconds to implement.

For more information and to download the CS*Accelerate datasheet, please click here.