No Nonsense SoD SolutionCS*ComplyXE (Express Edition) is our lightweight small-footprint solution to help you deal with SoD within Oracle E-Business Suite.

When our fully embedded, all singing all dancing solution (CS*Comply) is too much and when Software as a Service (CS*Proviso) is not enough, CS*ComplyXE steps in to provide you with a simple lightweight solution to allow you to quickly identify and analyse SoD conflicts within your Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

Comprehensive Analysis & Detailed Results CS*ComplyXE generates a very comprehensive set of reports to ensure you have visibility of where the risks are within your system. It not only includes details of SoD violations but also includes single high-risk function access. Several insightful summary reports are included along with the full level of detail. Results are presented in a highly accessible format.

Lightning Fast Conflict Scanning Engine CS*ComplyXE incorporates one of the fastest Conflict Scanning Engines available which is borrowed directly from our flagship SoD solution, CS*Comply. In large implementations with hundreds or thousands of users and hundreds of thousands or even millions of possible access combinations, scanning through this mountain of data can take a very long time; this is not the case with CS*ComplyXE, the Conflict Scanning Engine can find all violations on a system with 1000’s users and millions of access combinations against a conflict matrix covering up to 20,000 function based risks in just a matter of minutes.

Easy to Configure & Use CS*ComplyXE is very easy to use; there is no complex UI to learn how to use nor any complex processes. Everything is controlled with a few simple scripts which can be invoked on-demand.

All SoD rules and configurations are stored in simple CSV format and as such configuring CS*ComplyXE is done using any plain text editor or spread sheet application.

Tiny Footprint CS*ComplyXE has a tiny footprint; with a pre-install size of less than two megabytes the software is tiny and requiring only a few megabytes once up and running.

Simple to Install CS*ComplyXE can be installed on almost any Oracle database within a matter of minutes. It is perfect for CS*ComplyXE database which is free to use. Installation typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

For more information and to download the CS*ComplyXE datasheet, please click here.