Oracle EBS License ReviewFinancial loss from license misuse is a common risk most organizations using Oracle EBS face. Having insight into how your organization is utilising Oracle EBS is an essential part of keeping control of your licensing costs.

A key issue to overcome is knowing who within your organization has access to what; even in a relatively small environment this can be very difficult to determine and the larger the environment, the harder it becomes.

A Complex Problem Thousands of functions and processes across multiple modules deployed via hundreds of complex roles and responsibilities can mean keeping control of license usage can be extremely difficult. You may have hundreds or thousands of user accounts with access to multiple roles and responsibilities; all of this means there could be literally millions of individual access points that need to be reviewed from a licensing perspective.

An added obstacle to understanding license usage is that a significant number functions (screens) within Oracle EBS are not mapped to a module out of the box (approx. 83% in EBS Release 12.2.7); this makes performing a detailed analysis extremely difficult if not impossible.

An Ongoing RequirementReviewing your application license usage is not something you do once and forget about, it is ongoing requirement that you should revisit periodically to ensure your license usage remains under control.

License Review Made SimpleCS*License greatly simplifies the review process by analysing what your active users have access to in terms of the individual functions and processes to give you a detailed analysis of exactly who can do what. With this raw data, we can determine how many users you have that are likely to require licenses for a given module. This can help ensure that your license usage is closer to what it should be.

For more information and to download the CS*License datasheet, please click here.