Lookback AnalysisHaving insight into who is entering and maintaining data within your Oracle E-Business Suite enterprise applications is an essential audit function for all organizations.

Being able to look back in time to monitor your users’ activity offers accountability and can help you identify what data has been maintained which they are not authorized so you can report on the data that a process owner may need to review.

A Complex ProblemOracle E-Business Suite is a very large and complex suite of integrated applications that covers all aspects of business; there are hundreds of different modules spread across possibly thousands of different roles and responsibilities with thousands of individual functions and processes being used by hundreds or thousands of users; sitting beneath all of this is a very large and complex database that is made up of 10’s of thousands of tables; all of this means that trying to understand who has been doing what can be extremely difficult.

Performing a Lookback Analysis involves looking for who has been transacting data within the system, i.e. who has added data and who has modified data.

An Ongoing RequirementReviewing user activity is not something you do once and forget about; it is an ongoing requirement that you should revisit frequently. In some cases, it is required for audit purposes such as for your Sarbanes-Oxley audit. For example, you may want to understand if an IT user or a generic job scheduling login with privileged access has entered or maintained data. You may also want to focus on specific areas of the business at different times and frequencies according to your control frequency (i.e. weekly or monthly). You may also want to focus on certain types of activity such as transactions, certain master data, or configurations.

Lookback Analysis Made SimpleCS*Lookback provides an essential toolkit that is easy to use both in terms of configuration and ongoing analysis; with minimal setup you can gain valuable insight into the day to day activities of your user base.

For more information and to download the CS*Lookback datasheet, please click here.