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Impact analysis made clear and simple

Monitoring multiple key configurations with Oracle EBS can often be challenging and time-consuming. Getting a snapshot of these key configurations to reference between different time points can prove difficult. CS Impact can help solve this problem.
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Reduced risk
  • Save time and money
  • Improved visibility and understanding of change

Why’s impact analysis important?

Stay informed

When you’re running a large-scale operation it can be difficult to monitor the impact of change. Multiply that across different EBS environments and you can soon lose track of what’s happening.


Save your organization time

If you need to spend lots of time working with an analysis that’s unclear then it’s time to consider an alternative. Your time can be spent more productively elsewhere.

Don’t lose out

If you’re not clear on the impact change has on your applications, they can become inefficient and start to impact your bottom line negatively.

See the whole picture

The clear visibility and understanding you get when you use CS Impact can help you ensure your applications and processes are configured correctly. This protects your organization from any negative impact created from both minor and major changes.

Ensuring optimal timescales

What can initially appear as a small change can create a huge impact on the timescales of your projects. Avoid nasty surprises when you can quickly pinpoint the impact of any change, big and small.

Lower the risk

Not having a clear understanding of the impact an upgrade will create can put pressure on your organization’s operational functions. Mitigate this risk with CS Impact.

Ensure consistency

CS Impact provides ongoing and up-to-date impact analysis in an easy-to-understand format. Fast, efficient and effective impact analysis is critical to the smooth running of your operations.

Getting a better understanding of impact

Ensuring your operation is running productively and efficiently, CS Impact can help your organization run optimally.

Increase efficiency with CS impact, analyzing differences between Oracle Business Services.

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