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Streamline your user access reviews

Most organizations will have to conduct User Access Reviews (UARs). The review process is often considered a time-consuming, necessary evil. We can help your organization perform your UARs faster, with simplicity and ease.
  • Cloud-based options
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Secure and reliable
  • Huge time and cost savings
  • Full audit trail

What are the issues faced by organizations?

It takes too much time

The review process is time-consuming because traditionally it’s almost entirely done manually. When there are lots of data involved this can become inefficient.

There’s not enough information

The review in itself can bring up more questions than it answers.

A reviewer might come up against decisions about access-related risks associated with roles and responsibilities. This becomes difficult when the reviewer doesn’t have access to the relevant information.

It requires a lot of effort

Managing user access in Oracle EBS and Oracle ERP Cloud can be a mammoth task. If you have hundreds or thousands of users, there’s a lot of information that needs to be gathered. The larger the review, the more difficult it becomes.

Take the pain out of UARs

Automate and streamline your User Access Reviews in Oracle EBS and Oracle ERP Cloud for a more efficient reviews process.

Better decision making

Ensuring reviewers are kept informed is vital to an efficient User Access Review. Speed up the entire process with email notifications and a full audit trail.

Beyond the basics

With our Access Review options, you can conduct multiple reviews. This means you can have different reviews focusing on different things all at the same time. This is virtually impossible without software automation.

Keeping auditors satisfied

Not only can you save time, money and your own sanity, but when the review process is complete you can also access easy-to-understand reports. Making the final part of the user access review easier to follow and comprehend.

What if there was an easier way?

Without the right solution, User Access Reviews will be prone to errors and can be a costly exercise. We can help simplify and streamline your UARs for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EBS with user access review best practices in place.

Create a painless, automated and accurate user access review process.

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