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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small data file sent from a website and stored in your web browser i.e. Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc. when you are browsing a website (or using a cloud application). They are a way of allowing websites (and cloud applications) to remember details of your previous activity and for gathering information about your preferences i.e. which pages you visited, which links you clicked.

We use this information to profile website visitors, in order to better understand the way they use our website content and to make our website, the information displayed on it and the communications we send you more relevant to your interests.

Can I Opt Out of Cookies?

You can choose to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can normally modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer. For more information about cookies, including how to set your browser to reject cookies, and how to delete them, please go to

What Cookies and Tracking Technologies do we use?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website monitoring tool that allows users to see volumes of website visitors, their source, and to analyse how the content of their website is viewed and navigated. This in turn allows optimisation of the content and pages and the marketing programs that drive traffic to the website. Google Analytics does not store any personal information about website visitors, but does use persistent cookies to identify repeat visitors.

You may universally opt-out of all Google Analytics tracking used by all websites, including our own website, by visiting:

Email Marketing Post-Click Tracking Cookies

These cookies are used to report on the pages that have been viewed by visitors to the site who have followed links from our email marketing campaigns. This analysis helps us to understand additional content that is viewed by the contacts in our database and therefore allows us to improve and tailor future campaigns to those contacts’ specific areas of interest.

YouTube Cookies

Google sets a number of cookies on any page that includes a YouTube video. While we have no control over the cookies set by Google, they appear to include a mixture of pieces of information to measure the number and behaviour of YouTube users, including information that links your visits to our website with your Google account if you are signed in to one. Information about your use of our website, including your IP address, may be transmitted to Google and stored on servers in the United States. This cookie does not identify you personally unless you are logged into Google, in which case it is linked to your Google account.

If you continue to use any of our websites or cloud applications without rejecting cookies, you are accepting our use of these cookies that make our marketing and communications more relevant to you and your interests, and further help us to improve the site.

CAOSYS Website

The CAOSYS website utilises cookies; disabling or rejecting the use of cookies will not prevent the website from working, but it may mean you receive a less than ideal experience while browsing the site.

CAOSYS Support Portal (CSP)

The CAOSYS Support Portal (CSP) utilises cookies; if you disable or reject the use of cookies, you will not be able to use the CSP since they are essential to the normal operation of the portal.

CAOSYS Cloud Platform (CCP)

The CAOSYS Cloud Platform (CCP) is a collection of cloud applications. The CCP utilises cookies; if you disable or reject the use of cookies, you will not be able to use the CCP since they are essential to the normal operation of the CCP.

May 2018 (Updated February 2021)