CS Audit

CS Audit

CS Audit for Oracle EBS enables your organization to build the perfect audit trail for all of your critical data.

Change is captured as it happens, and it presented in a format that is easy to understand.

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Key Benefits

Ensure accountability

Satisfy auditors

Embedded into Oracle EBS

Installed/auditing within a couple of hours

Substantial time/cost Savings

Proactive monitoring with notifications

Maintain documentary evidence

Native look and feel

No external tools to get to grips with

Rapid return on investment

Ensure Accountability

Accountability is essential in today’s climate of corporate governance and regulation. Businesses need to be able to account for the state of all of their sensitive and critical data at any time.

Change Management

CS Audit enables you to build-up your documentary evidence directly within the audit trail to help enhance your change management processes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Using CS Audit’s built-in notification engine, you can ensure change is monitored in real-time.


Organize your auditing requirements into a hierarchical structure for ease of maintenance and enquiry.


Auditing is not limited to Oracle E-Business data, you can audit any data that is accessible from within the database.


Audit a single column in exceptional conditions or audit hundreds of columns in all conditions. You have full control over what is audited and under what conditions.

Comprehensive Reporting & Extensible Auditing

CS Audit includes very powerful audit trail reporting and research capabilities to help satisfy auditors. Not only is the data itself recorded during the audit process, you can specify a whole host of other attributes including additional meta-data from other sources at the time of audit to help ensure your audit trail is clear and understandable.

  • Database wide auditing on any table
  • Hierarchical audit policies
  • Fine-grained and rule-driven
  • Include meta-data in audit trail
  • Real-time audit notification system
  • Powerful inquiry & reporting tools
  • Maintain documentary evidence
  • Embedded into Oracle EBS
  • Native look and feel
  • Available for 11i and R12 (incl. 12.2+)
  • 400+ audit policies out of the box
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