CS Shield – Oracle EBS Edition

CS Shield - Oracle EBS Edition
Access Related Risk Analysis for Oracle EBS

CS Shield, Oracle EBS Edition, helps your organization efficiently and effectively identify, analyze, and manage your Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Sensitive Access (SA) related risk.

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Introducing CS Shield – Oracle EBS Edition

CS Shield is a cloud-based solution that takes the pain out of trying to identify where your access related risks are in your Oracle EBS applications.

When you don’t have the time or budget to implement a heavy-duty, on-premise solution, CS Shield steps in and gives you everything you need to really take control and ensure the risks associated with inappropriate access are identified and managed effectively.

Knowing What to Monitor

When it comes to hunting down your access related risks, half the battle is knowing what to look for; CS Shield has got this covered by including over 500 segregation of duties and sensitive access rules covering many of the core modules in Oracle EBS.

CS Shield also includes all the tools you need so you can create your own rules with ease.

Awesome Reporting

CS Shield includes very powerful and comprehensive reporting capabilities to allow you to understand where your access related risks are in the system. This can help you formulate an appropriate plan of action as it relates to how you will mitigate or remediate those risks.

Blisteringly Fast Conflict Scanning Engine

At the heart of CS Shield is the conflict scanning engine; this is the process that scans your system to determine if there are any SoD/SA risks present.

CS Shield’s scanning engine is fast, very, very fast; it is capable of scanning millions of access points in seconds, and so within a few minutes of signing in, you can have the results in front of you.


CS Shield is available via the CAOSYS Cloud Platform (CCP), which is a secure, Cloud-based solution that you can utilize at any time from anywhere.

Designed for simplicity; sign-up, sign-in, and you are up and running in minutes.

With no software to install and maintain, you can take full advantage of the latest in Cloud-based solution delivery to get the answers you need quickly.

Special Introductory Pricing

CS Shield is a subscription-based solution and any customers who subscribe will qualify for a special introductory low price of just $250 per month for the first 2 months.

For this simple, fixed, low subscription fee, you get full and unrestricted access to everything CS Shield has to offer including…

  • Access to all functionality and reporting
  • Access to all of our seeded Segregation of Duties/Sensitive Access rulesets
  • Access for up to 2 Superusers, 2 Standard users, and 5 Reporting users
  • Unlimited Oracle EBS users can be monitored
  • Multiple Oracle EBS instances can be monitored
  • 5 full conflict scans per week
  • 20 partial scans per week
  • Unlimited What-If scans
  • Unlimited imports from Oracle EBS

So for roughly the cost to hire a GRC consultant for half a day, you get all of the above for 2 months, which includes up to 40 scans of your entire Oracle EBS instance (all users and all rules) and 160 partial (scoped) scans.

CS Shield – End to End in 2 Minutes

Check out the video below that gives you an overview of CS Shield, end to end in just 2 minutes…

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Key Metrics & Trend Analysis…
Class, User & Responsibility Analysis…
Rule & Exclusion Management…
What-If Analysis & Scan Management…
Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis…
Excel Reporting…
Seeded Rule Types Included

Segregation of Duties, Sensitive Access, Access Control, Key Configurations/Setups, Master Data, PII Data, SQL Injection, Security, Transactions

Key Features

Efficient & Effective SoD Analysis, Understand sensitive & critical access risk, Document mitigating controls, Perform full & scoped scans, Comprehensive reporting, Excel reporting, Collusion Detection, What-If Analysis, Function & Concurrent Program Risk Analysis, Supports 10 types of Risk Exclusion, Integrates seamlessly with Oracle EBS

Major Benefits

Save Time, Save Money, Satisfy Auditors, No software to purchase, No software to install, No implementation, No testing, No software to support, No software maintenance, Cost-effective subscription options

Supported Oracle EBS Releases

12.2.x, 12.1.x, 12.0.x, 11.5.10.x