Introducing CS Impact: Impact Analysis


We are pleased to introduce a new addition to our line of GRC related solutions, CS Impact. CS Impact is a tool designed to aid change management processes in that it can help organizations improve visibility and understanding of the impact of change to key configurations and setups within their enterprise applications. The solution makes it easy to compare your current configuration against a separate instance or against a baseline from the same instance.

CS Impact is an easy to use solution that will help you quickly and effectively analyze the differences between multiple instances of Oracle E-Business Suite. It will help you save time and increase efficiency within your organization.

Mitigate Risk

Making any key setup/configuration change, either manually or via an upgrade or patch will have an impact on the way your applications operate. Not fully understanding the impact could have disastrous consequences and therefore the risk to your applications operational integrity and therefore your business is high. CS*Impact can help your organization mitigate against the risk by ensuring that the likely impact is known and that the EBS Environment Change Management is done properly.

On-going Impact Analysis

Clear visibility and understanding of the impact of any configuration change is something that you need on an on-going basis to help ensure consistency and also to help you resolve any issues you have with Oracle E-Business Suite. Fast and effective impact analysis is fundamental to ensuring your business is not hindered by unexpected changes in behavior of your enterprise applications. What may seem like a simple and innocuous change or patch could have far reaching implications if the impact is not clear. CS*Impact provides this on-going analysis in a clear and concise format.

For more information about CS*Impact, please click here. Do you have any questions regarding this product? Contact us here.

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