Real-Time Operational Reporting

We are pleased to introduce our Real-Time Operational Reporting & Extension Solution for Oracle EBS, CS*Rapid.

CS*Rapid is a unique and innovative solution for delivering real-time operational reporting and application extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite.

CS*Rapid is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite with a familiar look and feel and with no additional hardware or software required, CS*Rapid simply cannot be beat.

Your operational reporting requirements can go from concept to the user’s menu in minutes.

Day-to-Day Operational Reporting

CS*Rapid delivers real-time operational reporting extending Oracle EBS, that your users will love. Having access to meaningful data at the right time in an easy to use format is a key factor in ensuring user productivity on a day to day basis.

Rapid Really Does Mean Rapid

Delivering results is simple, fast, efficient and consistent. With a very shallow learning curve you no longer have to you have to rely on highly skilled technical consultants so you can deliver against requirements very rapidly.

CS*Rapid is FREE for all End-User Organizations of Oracle EBS who have purchased one of our other solutions and only from only $10 per user for other organizations; please contact us for more information.

For more information about CS*Rapid and Real-Time Operation Reporting for Oracle EBS, please click here.

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Craig O'Neill
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