New and much improved website launched

CaoSys websites over the years
Introducing our new and much-improved website.

Over the years, we have had several websites; all of which were perfectly functional in terms of the information they presented. However, a major area we’ve overlooked recently is how our users experience our website from a mobile device. Sure, you could view CaoSys online on your mobile phone or tablet but the experience was shall we say, less than perfect (pretty bad actually).

Our website was in need of a major refresh and so we thought we would go for a brand new look that is above all else, mobile friendly.

So, we are very pleased to introduce you to our brand new CaoSys website. Our new site includes a fresh, responsive and modern design with many other improvements.

At the center of our new site is our blog. We will be bringing you lots of interesting articles over the coming months with a general focus on governance, risk and compliance for Oracle E-Business Suite.

We have organized our new website to make it easier to find the information you are looking for with just a few clicks as well as introducing a new Events Calendar (online events coming soon) and a quick and easy way for you to sign-up to our newsletter.

Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing several brand new “Explainer Videos”; these are a great way to gain a little understanding of our solutions in just a few seconds; in fact, the first one is available right now for CS*Comply.

Also, keep an eye out for our new series of articles covering several topics; here is a taster of what is to come…

  • Why is managing SoD such a big deal?
  • Why do we need a tool to help manage access related risk?
  • It’s all about the risk matrix
  • Collusion – The hidden risk
  • …many more

We are very proud of our new website and feel that it will provide the experience you are looking for if you choose to pay us a visit.

Check out the new CaoSys website here…

ZONK Digital Agency

For all of our previous websites, we handcrafted them ourselves, which for a time was fine but this time, we decided to hand the design and build of our new website over to the professionals; after all, we are not a web design company. We worked closely with ZONK Digital Agency who have met all of our expectations as well as bringing the project in on-time and within budget. Thank you guys!


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Craig O'Neill
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