CS Accelerate

Improve user efficiency and productivity.
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CS Audit

The tools you need to enable effective auditing and monitoring of your corporate data.

CS Comply

Analyse, manage and prevent Segregation of Duties and sensitive access risk violations.

CS Impact

Efficiently analyze differences between snapshots and instances of Oracle EBS.

CS License

Reduces the risk of financial loss due to non-compliant license usage.

CS Lookback

Go back in time and see who has been doing what within Oracle EBS.

CS Provisum PAR

Automates and streamlines your periodic access reviews.

CS Provisum AAP

Greatly simplify and streamline your user access provisioning processes.

CS Report

Simply the easiest and fastest way to build Excel and on-screen operational reporting solutions for Oracle EBS.

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CS Secure

Powerful data security solution for Oracle EBS.

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CS Shield - Oracle EBS Edition

Cloud-based Access Related Risk management for Oracle EBS.

CS Shield - ERP Cloud Edition

Cloud-based Access Related Risk management for Oracle ERP Cloud.

Now Available