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CaoSys was formed in the early part of 1999 with the simple goal of helping businesses save time and money by providing software that can streamline and secure their enterprise applications, making their users and therefore their business more effificent whilst ensuring assurance and accountability.

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With this in mind our solutions have been designed so that almost any business, regardless of what type of business they are and what Oracle E-Business modules they use, then our solutions can bring huge and almost instant benefits.

Our unique range of solutions allow you to enhance Oracle E-Business Suite in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost and using very little technical expertise. Solutions produced using CaoSys products are fully compliant with and seamlessly integrated into Oracle E-Business Suite.

Our solutions meet and exceed all of our aims and is helping us achieve our ultimate vision of becoming one of the leading players in the Enterprise Application complimentary software market.

With over 20 years of experience, we are the perfect solution for your business






The CaoSys launch

Oct - Nov 1999

Initial discussion take place with the founder partners as to the need for power and easy to use tools designed to help organizations augment Oracle Applications.

Development begins and 1st Prototype is Complete

Jan - Apr 2000

With some initial designs complete, we get started on the development phase. We reach our first development milestone with the completion of our first prototype productivity solution for Oracle Applications.

1st Public Beta Available and 1st Website Goes Live

Jan - June 2001

We launch our first public beta of ASL*Form and our first website.

1st Product Launch and Online Support Portal Launched

Jul 2002

After a couple of years of design, development, testing and a few beta round, we launch our first product, ASL*Form; available to the UK only. To better serve our customers, we launch our first online support portal.

Engine Manufacturer Choose ApplTop and Website Redesign

Aug - Sep 2002

A major global engine manufacturer choose ApplTop Solutions to help them with extending and augmenting Oracle Applications. We launched a new version of our website to provide greater flexibility and to more accurately reflect our commitment to quality.

Public Beta for 2nd Product

Nov 2002

We launched the public beta for our 2nd productivity solution for Oracle Applications called ASL*Accelerate.

1st Product Webinars

Apr 2003

We launched our first series on online seminars (webinars) that showcase the benefits to be had by using our solutions.

ASL*form Available Worldwide and ASL*Accelerate Launched

May - Jul 2003

We announced the Worldwide availability of ASL*Form (previously limited to UK customers only) and the worldwide availability of our 2nd productivity solution for Oracle Applications called ASL*Accelerate.

Global Manufacturer Choose ApplTop and New Website Launch

Feb - Apr 2004

A global manufacturer of digital media technology chooses ApplTop Solutions to help them augment and extend Oracle Applications. We launched our 3rd website that gives a fresh new look to ApplTop Solutions.

ASL*Rapport, ASL*Secure and ASL*Audit Launch

Apr - Jul - Oct 2004

We launched a new ``lite`` version of ASL*Form called ASL*Rapport that focuses on operation reporting for Oracle EBS. We launched our brand new data security solution for Oracle EBS called ASL*Secure. We launched our brand new auditing solution for Oracle EBS called ASL*Audit.

ApplTop form alliance with TITAN Technology Partners

Feb 2005

ApplTop forms an alliance with TITAN Technology Partners to help deliver our solutions to a wider audience.

SOX*Suite, ASL*Enquire, ASL*Comply launch

Apr - Aug - Sep 2005

We are proud to launch our SOX*Suite solution which consists of a number of our products bundled together into a single suite. We launched our ad-hoc data query tool for Oracle EBS called ASL*Enquire. We launched our Segregation of Duties solution for Oracle EBS called ASL*Comply.

ApplTop Rebranded CaoSys

Aug 2007

We renamed and re-branded our company as CaoSys Limited; entire product portfolio gets a facelift along with a brand new website.

CaoSys forms Strategic Alliance with ERP Seminars

Dec 2007

We are delighted to announce that CaoSys has formed a strategic alliance with ERP Seminar to be the primary content provider for our GRC related solutions.

CaoSys Support Oracle EBS R12 and SoD with SaaS Launched

Oct 2008 - Jun 2009

We are pleased to announce that our entire suite of suite if available for the latest release of Oracle EBS. We are proud the offer the first Segregation of Duties solution for Oracle EBS as a ``Software as a Service`` offering.

CaoSys & Q Software Global form Alliance and CS*Impact Launch

Sep - Oct 2010

We are pleased to announce that CaoSys has joined forces with Q Software Global to help strengthen our position in the market. We launched our new impact analysis solution for Oracle EBS called CS*Impact.

CaoSys & Bwise form Alliance and CS*ComplyXE Launched

Mar 2011 - Jul 2012

We are pleased to announce that we have formed an alliance with Bwise to help them broaden their portfolio of GRC related solutions and the launch of our ``Express Edition`` of CS*Comply.

CS*Provisum and CS*Rapid Launch

Apr 2014 - Jun 2016

We are excited to announce the launch of our Period Access Review and Automated Assignment Provisioning solution for Oracle EBS called CS*Provisum. We launched our Real-Time Operation Reporting solution for Oracle EBS called CS*Rapid.

One of the Largest Oracle EBS Customers Choose CaoSys

Sep 2016

One of the worlds largest Oracle EBS customers choose CaoSys to help them manage SoD and access reviews.

Next Generation Solutions

Jul 2018

Work begins of the next generation of our solutions; once launched these will be available as an alternative to the current suite.

ERP Cloud Solutions

Oct 2018

Works begins on our ERP Cloud Solutions.

Return on investment with enterprise level software is often measured in quarters or years. With CaoSys, ROI can be measured in weeks or months.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, save time, save money.  Here is how we are achieving our mission:

  • Provide low cost, low risk and easy to use enterprise application productivity and compliance solutions
  • Improve end-user productivity through improved data access, reporting, application personalisation and security
  • Provide businesses with the ability to react quickly to ongoing end user and governance demands
  • Reduce the dependency and burden on IT development teams
  • Reduce the dependency on the more traditional, inflexible and expensive route of customization/extension
  • Empower business process owners
  • Reduce audit time and cost
  • Simplify compliance
  • Reduce cost of ownership of Oracle E-Business Suite