Part 3: License Reviews – an ongoing requirement

License Reviews – an ongoing requirement

Reduce the Risk of a Costly License Audit with Periodic License Reviews

So now you understand what a license review is, why you need to perform one and what typically makes them so challenging.

Now you are trying to figure out if doing just one is enough.

Doing a one-time license review is certainly better than never doing one but to help ensure the risks of a costly license audit are always reduced, you should really be performing a license review on a periodic basis.

Why do you need to do more than one?

Everything Changes

Simply put, it all comes down to change.

After your initial license review, if nothing ever changed in terms of access to the system then just one license review would be good enough but in the real world, things change all the time.

As it relates to access to the system, all of the following types of change can occur at any time…

  • Remediation has been performed that needs to be validated
  • New users are granted access to the system
  • Some users no longer require access
  • Existing users’ jobs change
  • Responsibility/roles change
  • Menus change
  • Patches are applied that add to existing menus, submenus, and request groups
  •  …etc

Any of the above can and will affect license usage in Oracle EBS. This means, that at any time, your actual license usage vs. the licenses you have paid for can become misaligned.

A Hidden Problem

Day by day, license usage can change and much of the time you will know nothing about it; sometimes even a small change to the security configuration of EBS can affect the license usage for dozens or even hundreds of users; consider adding a sub-menu containing a selection of functions from various modules to another menu that is used on dozens of responsibilities.

How Often?

Performing a full license review every week is not practical, but you certainly need to be able to perform more than one.

How often will depend on many factors…

  • The size of your Oracle EBS system is (in terms of users)
  • How much time you want to spend on conducting a review
  • The risk of financial loss from a license audit

Each organization must determine the frequency they perform a license review, but as a minimum, it should be at least once a year.

Introducing CS*License

CS*License provides an easy way to perform a license review. Once the initial setup is done for the first review, subsequent reviews are even easier.

You could plan on conducting a review once or twice a year but with CS*License installed you can run the license analysis every week or month and take a quick look at the results. If things are looking on-track then no further action is needed but if things look to be going astray, then you might choose to investigate further.

Want to know how we can help you perform a license review for Oracle EBS? Get in touch today and ask us about CS*License.

Want a quick overview of CS*License, check out the video below…


Next Time & Early Access

This is the final article in this series on license reviews but watch this space for the next series which is all about performing access reviews in Oracle EBS.

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