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Build a valuable audit trail of all your critical data

Create the perfect audit trail for all critical data in your database that keeps your auditors satisfied, with CS Audit for Oracle EBS.

  • Database wide auditing
  • Fine-grained and rule-driven
  • Native look and feel
  • Maintain documentary evidence
  • Embedded into Oracle EBS

Powerful Auditing & Monitoring for Oracle EBS

With full control over what’s audited and under which conditions, CS Audit allows you to comprehensively monitor your corporate data and keep your audit trail easy to understand.

Satisfy auditors

Keep your auditors happy with a detailed audit trail that shows them exactly what they’re looking for.

Easy setup

Get up and running quickly with a predefined set of over 400 audit policies.

Ensure accountability

Detailed accounts of the state of all sensitive data keep everyone involved accountable.

Real-time Oracle database monitoring

With real-time notifications, the people that need to know about critical or abnormal changes are always informed immediately.

Never miss a detail

Fine-grained, rule-driven auditing ensures you’re always auditing exactly what’s needed, from auditing a single column in exceptional conditions or auditing hundreds of columns in all conditions.

Comprehensive reporting and extensible auditing

CS Audit’s powerful reporting and inquiry capabilities help auditors find the information they need, easily. Recording not only data during the audit process, but a whole host of other attributes that you can specify, CS Audit ensures you’ll have a clear and understandable audit trail in Oracle EBS.

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