CS Comply Full Edition

CS Comply
Segregation of Duties & Sensitive Access Risk Management

CS Comply is a class-leading solution for implementing your Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Sensitive Access (SA) internal control policies. CS Comply helps ensure that the risks associated with inappropriate access are mitigated without delay.

For all your Oracle E-Business Suite related SoD and SA issues, CS Comply is the tool of choice.

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Key Benefits

Eliminate SoD Violations

Satisfy auditors

Substantial time/cost savings

Reduced Burden on IT

Very easy to use

Fully embedded into Oracle EBS

Native look and feel

Simple installation

Rapid implementation

Rapid return on investment

Simple and Fully Integrated

CS Comply is simplicity itself; enable the conflict rules appropriate for your organization and CS Comply does the rest, all directly from within Oracle E-Business Suite. There is no need to use a tool that is external to Oracle since CS Comply is available directly from the users standard navigator menu. The entire solution is administered within its own responsibility and has a native look and feel to make users feel right at home.

Low Cost and Feature Rich

CS Comply is a feature-rich solution that includes many features that make it one of the most powerful Segregation of Duties (SoD) tools available for the Oracle E-Business Suite. From the Preventive and Detective conflict modes, to the Notification and Rank based Alert system to the brute force approach of AccessGuard to the world’s fastest Conflict Scanning Engine. CS Comply is best of breed without the price tag.

The Detective

With CS Comply you can scan your system in detective mode. This will report on any violations thus allowing you to begin your remediation process. Several interactive screens and reports are included with CS Comply to enable you to work with violations by User, Responsibility, Function and Rule. Full details of each violation are made available including all menu names and the full menu path.

The Enforcer/Preventer

The real power of CS Comply comes into play as the enforcer of your segregation of duties internal control. When run in Preventive mode all violations will be prevented from occurring in real-time. This ensures that your system is fully protected even before you begin your remediation. When a user attempts to access a conflicting function, CS Comply will deny access and give the user opportunity to request access at that time.

Remediation & Access Control Administration

Efficiently identifying Segregation of Duties issues is only part of the story; your next big challenge is two-fold; firstly what do you need to do to remediate the risks and also how do you do it? Knowing what to do in terms of revoking access to a responsibility or how to create a conflict-free menu is made simple with CS Comply using our powerful, yet simple Remediation Toolkit. Many of the tasks involved in remediating access related risk and general access control administration are significantly simplified with CS Comply; for example, assigning a group of 15 responsibilities to 300 users takes just a few seconds, without CS Comply this task alone would take days.

Take Access Reviews and User Provisioning to the Next Level

When using our Periodic Access Review solution, CS Provisum PAR, you gain visibility of access-related risk during the review process; this leads to the review process being more accurate and efficient.

When using our Automated Assignment Provisioning solution, CS Provisum AAP, your access approvers have visibility of access-related risk helping them make a better, more informed decision as to whether an access request is appropriate or not.

Features at a Glance

Multiple preventive controls, Notification/Access Request system, Exclusions at multiple levels, Handles Common False Positives, Maintain documentary evidence, Risk based Alert system, Powerful conflict analysis and reporting, Conflict trend analysis reporting, What-If Analysis, Collusion Detection, Remediation Toolkit, AccessGuard for brute force access control, Class driven conflict matrix, Very fast Conflict Scanning Engine, Supports Oracle EBS 11i and R12.

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