CS Access Review – Now Available

CS Access Review

CS Access Review – Now Available

CS Access Review for Oracle ERP Cloud and EBS – Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that CS Access Review, our cloud-based User Access Review management solution for Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite, is now available.

CS Access Review helps your organization efficiently and effectively manage your User Access Reviews. CS Access Review is 100% cloud based, and so can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Whether you have overall control over the review process or if you are a reviewer, CS Access Review provides everything you need to ensure User Access Reviews are conducted in an effective and efficient manner.

CS Access Review can be used in conjunction with our Access Risk Management solution, CS Shield, to bring access risk information into the review process to help reviewers make better, more informed decisions as to whether access is appropriate or not.

Craig O’Neill, CTO at CAOSYS said…

CS Access Review is going to make life so much easier for those tasked with both managing and conducting User Access Reviews in Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EBS. Most organizations perform some sort of User Access Review at least once a year and most consider them a time-consuming and arduous process; we have worked hard to make the process as fast and painless as possible. Control Owners have complete control of the entire process and reviewers are presented with the information they need. 

CS Access Review is simple, yet feature-rich, allowing you to conduct multiple reviews at a time from multiple environments at a time. You can perform full, organization-wide reviews as well as more scoped reviews for specific areas of the business or specific types of risk. Reviews can be Process Owner, or Supervisor driven, and you have complete control over which users (and roles/responsibilities) are to be included in any given review. A full audit of the entire review process is maintained and automated notifications keep everybody informed at every stage of a review.

Mr O’Neill concluded…

With seamless integration with Oracle ERP Cloud  and Oracle EBS, User Access Reviews have never been easier. We are very proud of CS Access Review and its simplicity and are looking forward to our customers benefiting from what it has to offer.

For more details, please visit…

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks and months, we will be publishing articles, hosting workshops and webinars for CS Access Review as well as for many of our other solutions.

CAOSYS Cloud Platform (CCP)

CS Access Review is hosted on the CAOSYS Cloud Platform (CCP) and is available from today.

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If you would like to know we can help you improve your User Access Review processes, please get in touch today.

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